Electronic Recording Council - Wisconsin

Policies, Guidelines, and Agreements
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This page lists materials developed by the Electronic Recording Council - Wisconsin to guide the electronic recording of land related documents and related materials with Registers of Deeds throughout the state.  Documents listed here have completed the informal review cycle and have either entered or completed the formal review cycle.

Property Records Industry Association - PRIA

Conveyances of Real Property; Recording; Title - Chapter 706

Electonic Records management-Standards and Requirements - Chapter 12

Authentications & Electronic Tansactions & Records - Chapter 137

2003 Wisconsin ACT 294 - Electronic Notarization & Acknowledgement

2005 Wisconsin ACT 421 - Electronic Recording Council

Electronic Recording of Documents in Wisconsin County Register of Deeds Offices - Chapter Adm 70 

 Best Practices for eRecorded Documents - Document format recommendations

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